Looking for G-Ball Volunteers

If you are interested in helping out this 2015-16 G-Ball Season, please email gball.info@gmail.com ASAP!  We are looking for volunteers for the following:

-coordinate distribution of G-Ball flyers to schools/soccer fields 
- coordinate gym space/practice and game schedule
- coordinate Open Registration for New Players
- coordinate sign up of Sponsors & create sponsorship banner
- coordinate Evaluations of players prior to draft
- coordinate Draft
- order and distribute uniforms to coaches
- order G-Ball Sportswear - t-shirts/sweatshirts/coaches shirts
- coordinate Picture Day
- coordinate Playoff Weekend - End of year Raffle
- Fundraiser coordinator
- Division Head - (1) 3rd-4th Grade Division, (1) 5th-6th Grade Division, (1) 7th-8th-9th Grade Division